Wednesday, July 2, 2014

What I Am is What I Am

Well, it's official!  Today marks the actual day that I turned into my mother.  I knew that it was a definite possibility.  And, it isn't a surprise since Mr. Cutthroat has been telling me this for years.  But, today it happened.  I just thought I had more time.  We always think we have more time...
Today, I looked down and I was wearing her shoes, clothes, and glasses.  I knew that all of these articles were hers.  But, I am staying at her place while she is out of town and failed to pack enough clothes.  Also, her stuff is way better.  It wasn't the clothes that got me.  It was the glasses.  I  was wearing them to get through a simple i-cord project on that Hiya Hiya US000-000 I purchased.  (See Facebook post regarding ridiculous purchase.)  I looked up and caught my reflection.  Yikes.  Now, I have to get my own glasses and accept my fate.  I feel too young to have already turned into my mother.  When she was this age, she seemed so much more mature that I am right this very minute.  Last week, I laughed for a solid 10 minutes from the "updog" joke. Since this transformation is likely irreversible, I guess I will just own it. 

Friday, June 27, 2014

This Hairshirt is Woven From Your Brown Hair

Who knew baby camels were so soft?  I am spinning a baby camel and silk blended fiber right now and, although I have used it before, I am always surprised at its softness.  Who was the first spinner to snuggle a camel, then to take it one step further?  I admire his/her dedication to the fiber arts.  I've got to get me a baby camel.  Ok, I just googled it and it turns out they live 40-50 years.  Scratch that. 
Isn't there a small, short-lived animal with soft fur that I can invest in?  Like a goldfish of the fiber world?  I will leave the long-term animal raising to the professional ranchers.  Also, I have already pushed my limit with Mr. Cutthroat in the "grandiose ideas" department. 
Thinking about discovering the greatness of camel hair brings this to mind:  Woman Spends 11 Years Knitting Husband a Coat and Hat Out of Her Own Hair
I don't think people would classify this lady in the same way as the camel visionary.  I do, however, admire the tactics this lady employed to bribe, coerce, or otherwise threaten her husband into wearing this.  I cannot get Mr. Cutthroat to wear the beautiful cashmere scarf I cabled on size US 3 needles.  If I came to him with a hair coat, he would likely vomit.  Bravo, lady!  Bravo!

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

You used to be so amused

Can I just tell you that I am loving life right now?  Not only do I have the best family and support system, but I am living my dream in store filled with yarn.  Every day is an endless possibility of projects.  The shelves of beautiful yarn give me endless inspiration of things to make.  But, would you believe I have even less time to knit than ever before?  I had all these grand ideas of all the clothes I would be wearing as a uniform.  I just had these grandiose ideas of wearing sweater after sweater, each a different fiber and design.  Ugh.  I will be lucky if I get those socks done today.  If you've been in the store in the past month, you are keenly aware of the epic battle of Me V. Magic Loop 2-At-A-Time Socks.  What a fun project!  When will it end!?  Times I could have been knitting have been replaced with the "running a business" part (insert eye roll here).  But, today is the day.  (Actually, it might be the day.)  I am going to finish those socks.  (I've been saying that for 2 weeks).  I am so close that when I try them on, I can only see part of two toes!  (I try them on after every single round.  It's a sickness).  It's only kitchener and I can call it a day.  (Ugh, now I have to remember how to do kitchener!)

Monday, March 24, 2014

Dream a Little Dream of Me

Now, I can breathe.  It's been a while since my last post.  I know, I say that every single time I post. 

I took the leap!  Since last I posted, I made the epic decision to quit my 9 to 5 government job and see where this LYS dream could take me.  It wasn't easy.  And, I am pretty sure I made every mistake you could make on this sort of venture.  When we finally decided this was our next move, Mr. Cutthroat and I decided not to look back as we invested every piece of savings we had.  We had some very helpful and supportive friends, along with some extremely terrible advisers.  Now, we are committed.  Mr. Cutthroat is so helpful and interested in building this business.  I could not ask for more.  I invite you all to join me on this adventure, as I will be blogging all along the way. 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

There's No One Else to Blame

You turn around and it is a new year, and you haven't blogged in 6 months.  In lieu of blogging, I have immersed myself in fiber arts, but more importantly, life in general.  Along the way, I have been to several yarn stores in every city where I have visited.  Recently, I have been spinning everything but sheep's wool.  I've been on a "can I make yarn out of that?" phase.  The verdict:  yes, you can make yarn out of anything.  The only problem with all the spinning taking place in this far too tiny domicile is that I was forced to rent out a whole storage unit to store my fiber.  It isn't like I am a hoarder because I have the fiber organized.  Right?  I mean, it isn't like I am the lady on Hoarders that moved a a Tupperware container and found a mummified cat.  Right?  I guess if I just keep it contained I won't show up on A&E saying, "That's my yak fiber from Savannah!  You can't throw that away!"

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

No Time for Losers, Cause We Are the Champions

The Olympics are right around the corner as is the Ravellenic Games 2012.  For those non-knitters and non-spinners, the start of the opening ceremonies for the Olympics marks the start of a fiber project that you pledge to finish before the closing ceremonies.  This year, I have pledged to spin all outstanding dye lots.  Wow.  This is going to be a hefty task.  I have a ton of wool that has been dyed and sits ready to be made into yarn.  Tonight, I got a jump start by finishing the last of three skeins of my art yarn.  Still, there is plenty that is waiting to take shape. 
Most people are watching the actual Olympic games while knitting and spinning.  But, I have never really been into the Olympics.  I always find myself rooting for the wrong reasons.  Everyone is wanting the underdog to win, and I almost want to see the floor exercise gymnast trip on the streamer.  I know it isn't right.  And, this kind of karma can't be good for my knitting projects. 
If you don't have a project for the games, you better figure one out immediately.  You can't just spend the entire time actually watching the Olympics. 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Is There Anything Left to Us But to Organize and Fight?

I have finally climbed out of the fiber that I buried myself in earlier this May.  Of course, I am talking about all the fiber, fleece, and supplies I purchased at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival.  We went with a wool entourage and Mr. Cutthroat would take time out of his lamb eating schedule to carry our purchases to the car.  Such a trooper!  He was rewarded with kabobs, gyros, and limeade.  
We spent two full days at the festival, touring every spot of the festival two, three times.  After unloading several animals' fiber from the car, I turned my apartment into a full blown sweat shop.  We gave the new-to-me drum carder some TLC, replaced the band (a drama in itself), and started carding.  After using the drum carder for 3 seconds, I was in awe about how in the hell people did this by hand.  I mean, I have done it by hand and now I am angry that it took me so long to buy a damn drum carder! 
Back to the sweat shop.  I had the wool entourage washing, dyeing, and carding fleece all over my apartment.  No coffee breaks!  No unionizing!  There was too much to do.  Sadly, my sweat shop disbanded the next day as they traveled home.  Who says I'm not a good host?  Next year, if they dare to come back, I will have a new project lined up.  But this time, I will lock the doors from the outside.