Wednesday, July 2, 2014

What I Am is What I Am

Well, it's official!  Today marks the actual day that I turned into my mother.  I knew that it was a definite possibility.  And, it isn't a surprise since Mr. Cutthroat has been telling me this for years.  But, today it happened.  I just thought I had more time.  We always think we have more time...
Today, I looked down and I was wearing her shoes, clothes, and glasses.  I knew that all of these articles were hers.  But, I am staying at her place while she is out of town and failed to pack enough clothes.  Also, her stuff is way better.  It wasn't the clothes that got me.  It was the glasses.  I  was wearing them to get through a simple i-cord project on that Hiya Hiya US000-000 I purchased.  (See Facebook post regarding ridiculous purchase.)  I looked up and caught my reflection.  Yikes.  Now, I have to get my own glasses and accept my fate.  I feel too young to have already turned into my mother.  When she was this age, she seemed so much more mature that I am right this very minute.  Last week, I laughed for a solid 10 minutes from the "updog" joke. Since this transformation is likely irreversible, I guess I will just own it. 

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